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Allow us to present the captivating Zaamir Attar, an exquisite fragrance that effortlessly harmonizes modernity with tradition, crafted exclusively for our cherished Muslim brothers and sisters.

With invigorating top notes of bergamot and pineapple, your senses awaken, revitalizing your spirit from the very first encounter. Delicate middle notes of floral elegance and pink pepper infuse a touch of femininity and sophistication into this fragrance, elevating its allure to new heights. As the fragrance unfolds, the base notes of agarwood (oud), cardamom, tonka bean, and vanilla envelop you in a warm and inviting embrace, creating an aroma that gracefully accompanies you throughout the day.

Zaamir Attar is a testament to the beauty of balance, artfully blending contemporary and traditional elements to craft a scent that resonates with your essence. Immerse yourself in its captivating embrace and experience the harmonious fusion of the past and present.

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Discover the captivating fragrance of Waazin, an Oud-based attar that will take your senses on a mesmerizing journey. Waazin features top notes of Vetiver, heart notes of earthy aromas, and base notes of rich earthiness, which are perfectly blended to create a fragrance that is both captivating and alluring.

Waazin is a luxurious fragrance that delights the senses with its exquisite blend of top notes of lilies, violets, vanilla, and musk. The middle notes of white musk, lotus blossoms, and honey create a warm and comforting aroma, while the base notes provide a long-lasting depth with their lingering white musk, lotus blossoms, and honey. Indulge in the sweet and floral beauty of Waazin and experience the magic of fragrance.

Our Waazin attar comes in an attractive and presentable 3ml bottle that is perfect for gifting or carrying on the go. At our company, we take pride in crafting the finest Oud-based fragrances that are a true reflection of Islamic culture and heritage.

Our attars are not just any perfumes, but rather an ode to the rich heritage and culture of the East. Immerse yourself in the world of enchantment and bliss with our captivating fragrance range, which includes our exclusive selection of luxurious Oud-based perfumes.

Unleash your inner mystique with our exquisite and alluring fragrance selection, which is a celebration of the diversity and richness of the Muslim world. Our attars are the perfect choice for those who seek to embody confidence, power, and allure in their daily lives.

Experience the beauty and elegance of Waazin and our other fragrances, which are carefully crafted to reflect the love for beauty and elegance in the Islamic world. Join us on a journey of discovery and exploration with our fragrance range and step into a world of enchantment and bliss.

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